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Most Lead Acid Batteries fail prematurely because of a buildup of lead sulfate on the plates. Fortunately, there is a cheap and easy method to reverse this with readily available materials. Don’t waste your money on new ones. You will be able to renew as many batteries as you wish. YOU ONLY NEED ONE!


Please read through to understand what we are selling and why you should buy from us:


Our History


We are an Ez-Go Golf Cart Wholesaler who was forced to improvise a method to save batteries when we obtained a large contingency of Carts from a distributor who went out of business. Many were still new but the batteries where left uncharged for a long period of time. While we were facing spending $500-$700 on each cart to replace them, we worked out this system. So much experimenting and research was done, that we actually wrote a book describing batteries in general. We have been offering our method on Ebay for nearly 2 years. Even though we offer a complete guarantee, the number of folks who asked for a refund is around 1%! Actually some who did not get the batteries to respond felt the price was worth it for the knowledge gained anyway and wrote to tell us.


Battery Basics


Lead-acid batteries, invented in 1859 by Gaston Planté, are the oldest type of rechargeable battery. Sulfation is one of the problems that kill batteries. Lead-sulfate is created when a battery is discharged. Then, when charged, in theory, the lead sulfate changes back to its component materials; lead, lead dioxide, and sulfuric acid. However, as batteries age, hard lead-sulfate forms into crystals on the surface of the electrode plates . Heat build-up from sulfation and corrosion destroys the battery’s grid. It is the grid that holds the material that produces the chemical reaction that stores and releases electricity. So getting rid of sulfation is the key. As a matter of fact, early batteries were built in a wooden box and allowed folks to remove the plates to clean, . Things have not changed except you cant easily remove the plates. That’s what led us to find a way to de-sulfate and lower resistance of the electrolyte.

lead acid battery

The Fix


It's not magic, just chemistry. Lead -Sulfate is a by product which adheres to the lead plates and slowly reduces the capacity and charge rate.. We worked out a mix and method to bring the plates to there original state. Many have used EDTA or expensive pulsing chargers. We instead used an easier method with ingredients which can be found in your local grocer. There is no equipment to install or maintain. It neither drains the battery’s electricity nor requires a device to be plugged in for weeks to work. Once is added to your battery it starts to work immediately, cleaning the inside of the battery, helping prevent internal corrosion, breaking down sulfation crystals, and reducing heat. Furthermore, the treatment continues to work, extending the life of the battery.


What You Will Receive

• The method and recipe to do as many batteries as you wish.
• An explanation of how to measure improvement with Specific Gravity.
• Tips for golf carts.

**Please understand you are not buying batteries! Some buyers have mistakenly thought so. Believe me, I wish I could sell you Batteries for $6.99! We also provide full support via email after purchase.

We are an EZ-GO Dealer and have worked on Golf Cars for years and understand the Electronics and tricks of the trade. We can help you troubleshoot what may not even be a battery problem.

How Long Does The Procedure Take?


About 30 minutes. After treatment, the battery is placed on charger over night.


Do I Have To Remove The Batteries?


No. As long as you can access the cell plugs to remove a bit of Electrolyte and add our solution.


Will This Work On A Sealed Maintenance Free Battery?


Yes. It may take a few extra minutes as you will need to drill out the plugs.


Does This Work Every Single Time?


About 95%. If the Lead Plates are damaged or if the battery case is cracked it will not work.


When Do I Receive The Procedure?


INSTANTLY! That's soon as you press the "buy now" button below, you get to download the battery fixing procedure immediately!


Read What Other Buyers Are Saying:


"Thanks for the info on the batteries, etc. I did the process two days ago and it seems that the batteries are charging fine...Much better than before!"


"I am impressed, granted it took me a couple days to complete the process. However,the batteries went back in the golf cart and it ran. It was the first time running the cart since I bought it with bad batteries and I did't know if it would run or not. Happy camper."


"Can't believe how good this worked! Thanks for saving me at least $400!"


"Easy and it worked...thanks Rich"


"Excellent...saved me $450...Can't believe it!! Thanks!"


Thanks for the info on the batteries etc..I did the process two days ago and it seems that the batteries are charging fine..Much better than before.. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the information that I purchased from you on Ebay! I had never made a "information" purchase on Ebay before. I had always figured them to be scams, and/or a load of B.S.!! But, your information was not such... it works!! I saved at least $300 using your simple procedure. Thanks so much!




What have you got to lose?! It's definitely worth trying before you spend hundreds replacing your batteries!


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